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fgeorges.org provides consultancy and development in Core XML technologies, Web services and SOA. It is based in Belgium, but works abroad too. Please write to info@fgeorges.org for further information.




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XML Prague 2011
March 26-27, 2011; Prague, Czech Republic
CXAN: a case-study for Servlex, an XML web framework

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EXPath Packaging System: the on-disk repository layout

While working on the implementation for Calabash of the EXPath Packaging System, I was rewriting, again, a repository manager, dedicated to Calabash. Exactly as I did for Saxon one month earlier. Why? The repositories provide the same features. It should be then possible to make Calabash and Saxon share the same repository, if Saxon just ignore components other than XSLT and XQuery (for instance XProc pipelines) in that repository. So one just has to maintain one single repository for his/her whole computer (or one repository dedicated to a single project, like a Java EE application.)

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EXPath Packaging System prototype implementation for Calabash

An interesting piece of code I worked on during the past few weeks is the implementation of the EXPath Packaging System for the Norman Walsh's XProc processor: Calabash. It was interesting for itself, as a coding experience, but also for the still-in-development packaging system, as XProc provides all core XML technologies within a single language. Thus implementing the packaging system for Calabash implied to implement it for: RNC, RNG, Schematron, XProc (for XProc pipelines themselves,) XQuery, XSD and XSLT. This was enlightening about the relationships between those several technologies, and a proof of concept about the applicability of the packaging concept to those several technologies.

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In SOA Design Patterns by Thomas Erl et al., Prentice Hall 2009, ISBN 0136135161:

Florent is a freelance IT consultant in Brussels who has been involved in the XML world for more than 11 years and is a recognized expert within the XSLT and XQuery communities. Soon after discovering Web services, he had the opportunity to work with them for several years with major European institutions and companies in the financial and IT consultancy sectors in Brussels and London, such ING and Atos Origin. In 2008, Florent won the SOACP contest by tying for the highest score among all participants in a series of certification workshops associated with the 2008 International SOA Symposium. As a result, Florent received his SOA Architect certification with the special "Top Gun" designation.